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3. Corporate Policy Forms

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1102 Due Diligence Checklist (Corporate Audit)

1162 Due Diligence Agreement (Between Buyer and Seller of a Corporation)


1210 Loan Agreement


1410 Offer to Purchase (Part Of The Assets)

1412 Offer to Purchase (A Business)

1414 Sale Agreement (Part Of The Assets)

1416 Sale Agreement (Business)

1420 Sale Agreement (Used Motor Vehicle)

1430 Partnership Agreement (2 Partners)

1432 Partnership Agreement (3 Partners and Over)

1436 Joint Venture Agreement

1450 Instalment Sale Agreement (Conditional Sale)

1454 Consignment Agreement

1470 Contract of Enterprise (Except Building Construction)

1472 Subcontract of Enterprise (Except Building Construction)

1476 Contract for Services (General)

1477 Contract for Services (Self-Employed Worker)

1478 Consulting Services Agreement

1486 License/Manufacturing Agreement (Between An Inventor and a Manufacturer)

1490 Distribution Agreement (Exclusive Or Non-Exclusive)

1492 Manufacturers' Agent Agreement (Exclusive Or Non-Exclusive)


1500 Confidentiality Agreement (Standard Form – One-Way Commitment)

1501 Confidentiality Agreement (Standard Form – Mutual Commitment)

1504 Confidentiality Agreement (Potential Lender)

1506 Confidentiality Agreement (Potential Investor)

1510 Confidentiality Agreement (Potential Partner)

1512 Confidentiality Agreement (Potential Shareholder)

1514 Confidentiality Agreement (Potential Purchaser of a Business)

1516 Confidentiality Agreement (Between Two Businesses – Mutual Commitment)


1520 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Employee)

1522 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Contributor)

1523 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Freelancer)

1524 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Supplier)

1525 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Subcontractor)

1526 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Contractor)

1527 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Manufacturer)

1528 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Consultant)

1529 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Client)

1532 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Selling Partner)

1533 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Selling Shareholder)

1536 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Partner)

1537 Confidentiality, Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation Agreement (Shareholder)

FRANCHISE  Available in French only 

1570 Checklist Prior Drafting

1571 Request for Franchise

1572 Franchise Agreement

1576 Sub-Lease Agreement

1578 Personal Suretyship Agreement

1580 Not to Compete, Confidentiality and Restriction Commitments


1660 Building Renovation Agreement


1810 Offer to Purchase (Shares)

1820 Sale of Shares Agreement

1838 Shareholders' Agreement between 2 shareholders (Quebec Corporation)

1840 Shareholders' Agreement between 3 shareholders and over (Quebec Corporation)

1844 Shareholders' Agreement between 2 shareholders (Canadian Federal Corporation)

1846 Shareholders' Agreement between 3 shareholders and over (Canadian Federal Corporation)


2210 Offer to Purchase Assets (To The Trustee)

2250 Sale of Assets Agreement (With The Trustee)

TRUST  Available in French only 

2306 Discretionary Trust Deed (3 Trustees)


2408 Offer to Purchase (Used Residential Building)

2410 Offer to Purchase (Commercial Building)

2411 Offer to Purchase (Commercial Land)

2415 Offer to Purchase (Apartment Building)

2416 Offer to Lease (Commercial Building)

2417 Offer to Lease (Commercial Land)

2418 Offer to Lease (Office Or Retail Space)

2470 Lease Agreement (Commercial Building)

2471 Lease Agreement (Commercial Land)

2478 Lease Agreement (Office Or Retail Space)

2486 Building Management Agreement


2702 Letter of Intent (Acquisition – All Shares of a Corporation)

2703 Letter of Intent (Acquisition – Part of Shares of a Corporation)

NOMINEE  Available in French only 

2802 Nominee Agreement (Shares of a Company)

2806 Nominee Agreement (Ownership of Real Estate)

ENTERTAINMENT  Available in French only 

2902 Artist Management Contract


3260 Contract of Employment (Employee)

3261 Contract of Employment (Homeworker or Teleworker)

3262 Contract of Employment (Employee Posted Abroad)

3264 Contract of Employment (Sales Representative)

3265 Contract of Employment (Salesman on Commission)

3266 Contract of Employment (Supervisor)

3267 Contract of Employment (Department Manager)

3268 Contract of Employment (Controller)

3270 Contract of Employment (Director General)

3282 Contract of Employment (Senior Officer)

3284 Contract of Employment (Vice-President)

3285 Contract of Employment (President)

3290 Employment Termination Agreement

3300 Contract of Employment (Systems Operator)

3301 Contract of Employment (Technician)

3302 Contract of Employment (Programmer)

3303 Contract of Employment (Analyst)

3304 Contract of Employment (Programmer-Analyst)

3305 Contract of Employment (Analyst-Programmer)

3306 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Systems Architecture)

3307 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Applications Development)

3308 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Business Process and Technology)

3309 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Operations)

3310 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Telecommunications)

3311 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Microcomputing)

3312 Contract of Employment (Analyst, Data Architecture)

3313 Contract of Employment (Database Developer)

3314 Contract of Employment (Database Administrator)

3315 Contract of Employment (Systems Developer)

3316 Contract of Employment (Systems Administrator)

3318 Contract of Employment (Datawarehousing Administrator)

3320 Contract of Employment (Sales Representative)

3324 Contract of Employment (Technical Consultant)

3325 Contract of Employment (Technical Support Representative)

3326 Contract of Employment (Support Service Technician)

3328 Contract of Employment (Network Technician)

3329 Contract of Employment (Network Specialist)

3330 Contract of Employment (Network Administrator)

3331 Contract of Employment (Network Architect)

3336 Contract of Employment (Security Specialist)

3337 Contract of Employment (IT Specialist)

3338 Contract of Employment (Computer Solutions Specialist)

3339 Contract of Employment (Multimedia Specialist)

3340 Contract of Employment (E-Commerce Specialist)

3346 Contract of Employment (Project Leader)

3347 Contract of Employment (Project Manager)

3348 Contract of Employment (Department Manager)

3349 Contract of Employment (Information Technology Director)

3351 Contract of Employment (Graphic Specialist)

3352 Contract of Employment (Web Programmer)

3355 Contract of Employment (Web Designer)

3356 Contract of Employment (Webmaster)


3405 Contract Between Common-Law Spouses

3410 Contract of Mandate (General Purpose)

3420 Contract of Mandate (Special Purpose)

3440 Mandate (Anticipation Of Incapacity)

3450 Will (Made Before Witnesses)


3510 Mediation Agreement

3520 Arbitration Agreement


3034 Web Content Licence Agreement

3083 Web Site Assignment Agreement

3084 Web Content Assignment Agreement

3608 Web Site Design Agreement

3609 Web Site Design Subcontract

3612 Web Site Hosting Agreement

3614 Web Site Maintenance Agreement

3616 Web Site Promotion Agreement

3618 Web Advertising Agreement

3619 Web Services Agreement

3621 Web Consulting Agreement

3622 Web Consulting Subcontract

3623 Web Server Hosting Agreement

3624 Web Programming Agreement

3625 Web Programming Subcontract

3626 Web Graphic Design Agreement

3627 Web Graphic Design Subcontract

3628 Electronic Commerce Agreement

3629 E-Commerce Solution Implementation Agreement

3631 Internet Distribution Agreement

3632 Internet Sale Agency Agreement

3644 Electronic Publishing Agreement

3648 Web Content Provider Agreement


3024 Software License Agreement

3026 Software Content License Agreement

3074 Software Assignment Agreement

3076 Software Content Assignment Agreement

3702 Software Development Agreement

3703 Software Development Subcontract

3714 Software Distribution Agreement

3719 Computing Services Agreement

3721 Computer Consulting Agreement

3722 Computer Consulting Subcontract

3724 Computer Programming Agreement

3725 Computer Programming Subcontract

3748 Software Content Provider Agreement


3030 Multimedia Product Licence Agreement

3032 Multimedia Content Licence Agreement

3080 Multimedia Product Assignment Agreement

3082 Multimedia Content Assignment Agreement

3802 Multimedia Product Development Agreement

3803 Multimedia Product Development Subcontract

3814 Multimedia Product Distribution Agreement

3819 Multimedia Services Agreement

3821 Multimedia Consulting Agreement

3822 Multimedia Consulting Subcontract

3824 Multimedia Programming Agreement

3825 Multimedia Programming Subcontract

3826 Multimedia Graphic Design Agreement

3827 Multimedia Graphic Design Subcontract

3848 Multimedia Content Provider Agreement


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