1. Contract Forms

2. Business Forms

3. Corporate Policy Forms

4. Jurifax Kits (30% discount)



4010 Notice of Loss to the Insurer (Or The Broker)


4220 Letter (Terminating The Suretyship Of A Director)

4221 Prior Notice (Termination Of 3 Years Old Suretyship)

4222 Letter (Enclosing A Cheque In Final Payment)

4223 Letter (Refusing A Cheque In Final Payment)

4230 Promissory Note (Payable On Demand)

4231 Promissory Note (Payable On Term)

4235 Acknowledgement of Indebtedness

4240 Personal Suretyship

4245 Letter of Formal Notice (For Payment Of Sums Due)

4250 Discharge

4251 Discharge in Subrogation

4252 Mutual Discharge and Transaction


4410 Letter of Formal Notice (For Payment Of Sums Due)

4411 Letter of Formal Notice (For Unpaid Cheques)

4414 Letter of Formal Notice (For Contractual Default)

4416 Letter of Formal Notice (For Latent Defects)

4500 Deed of Assignment of Claims (Individual Claim)

4502 Deed of Assignment of Claims (All Claims)

4504 Notice to the Debtor (Assignment Of Claims)


4620 Letter of Formal Notice (For Payment Of Sums Due)

4622 Letter of Formal Notice (For Damages)

4624 Letter of Formal Notice (For Uncompleted Work)

4626 Letter of Formal Notice (For Poorly Completed Work)

4630 Declaration of Contract (By A Supplier)

4632 Declaration of Contract (By A Subcontractor)

4640 Notice to Surety (By A Supplier)

4642 Notice to Surety (By A Subcontractor)

4650 Statutory Declaration

4652 Partial Discharge

4654 Final Discharge


Business Incorporation (Quebec Corporation)  available in French only 

4780 Share Capital Structure (Up to 10 classes of shares)

4782 Organizational Meetings (sole Director/Shareholder)

4784 Organizational Meetings (2+ Directors/Shareholders)

4786 By-Laws

Business Incorporation (Canadian Federal Corporation)  available in French only 

4790 Share Capital Structure (Up to 10 classes of shares)

4792 Organizational Meetings (sole Director/Shareholder)

4794 Organizational Meetings (2+ Directors/Shareholders)

4796 By-Laws

Annual Meetings (Quebec Corporation)

4800 Meeting of Board of Directors

4801 Notice of Meeting (Shareholders)

4802 Meeting of Shareholders

4803 Election of Officers

Annual Meetings (Canadian Federal Corporation)

4805 Meeting of Board of Directors

4806 Notice of Meeting (Shareholders)

4807 Meeting of Shareholders

4808 Election of Officers

Minutes of Directors Meeting

4810 Issue of Shares

4811 Transfer of Shares

4812 Declaration of Dividend

4813 Resignation and Replacement of a Director

Extract of Minutes

4814 Signing of Contract by the Corporation

4816 Resolutions in Writing (by the Directors or Shareholders)

4819 Notice of Meeting (To the Directors or Shareholders)

4826 Letter (Share Subscription)

4828 Letter of Resignation (By A Director)

4830 Waiver of Notice (By a Director or Shareholder)

4832 Consent to Hold a Meeting by Telephone

Sole Shareholder / Sole Director

4840 Annual Resolutions of Sole Director

4842 Annual Resolutions of Sole Shareholder

4844 Election of Officer(s)

4846 Resolutions (Standard Form)


4890 "For a Corporation to Be Incorporated"

4900 “Shotgun” (Between 2 Shareholders)

4901 Shares in Escrow

4902 Arbitration

4904 Balance of Sale Price

4905 Reserve of the Right of Ownership

4906 Mandatary (Sale Of Shares Agreement)

4908 Personal Suretyship

4910 Lease Renewal Option

4914 Non-Competition (Seller vs Buyer)

4916 Non-Competition (Shareholder or Partner)


5002 Tender-Contract (Goods/Materials)

5003 Tender-Contract (Service/Work)

5004 Purchase Order and Invoice

5006 Standard Clauses (Purchase Order And Invoice)

5012 Work Sheet

5014 Credit Account Application

5016 Credit Experience List Form

5020 Fax Cover Page (With Confidentiality Clause)


5401 Letter of Formal Notice (For Residential Rent Arrears)

5402 Letter of Formal Notice (For Commercial Rent Arrears)

5404 Letter of Formal Notice (For Latent Defects)

5406 Letter of Formal Notice (For Damages)

5408 Letter to Residential Tenant (Rent Increase)

5410 Letter to Commercial Tenant (Rent Increase)

5416 Letter to the City (Property Inquiry)


5602 Declaration of Garnishee (Employer)

5640 Affidavit from Witness (Signing Of Contract)


6200 Job Application Form

6201 Job Confirmation Letter

6202 Undertaking Not to Solicit Clients

6204 Undertaking of Confidentiality

6206 Undertaking Not to Compete

6208 Notice of Suspension (Disciplinary Measure)

6210 Notice of Termination of Employment (Layoff)

6211 Notice of Termination of Employment (Dismissal)

6212 Letter from Employer (Confirming Resignation)

6214 Letter of Resignation (By An Employee)


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